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My name is Lorraine, I myself is a ski and snowboarding instructor working in Niseko, Japan. I started playing badminton 6 years ago and I just fell for this amazing flying sport, normally I would spend my June to Oct teaching in Australia or New Zealand, but then since I loved badminton so much that I started teaching in the Guangzhou Indoor Ski Resort in China from June 2019.

Well, as you can imagine, it’s a bit difficult to find a badminton court near the mountain area, right? So yeah… its definitely less fun to teach in an indoor ski resort than in the real mountain, but hey, just like playing badminton, you gotta find your balance point, right? At the end of the day, I can still enjoy my November to April in Niseko, right?

Why Did We Start BadmintonProfessor?

The first 2 months I started playing badminton, I liked it, but honestly, that’s just because I was enjoying the whole package – hanging out with friends, doing some sports, enjoying some good beers and food, lots of good laughs. Could be any types of sports… tennis, basketball, squash… doesn’t have to be badminton. Well, just because my friend was so into badminton so I will play with them.

One evening, my friends and I played badminton and followed with a quick dinner, and we bumped into his instructor Roy, and Roy’s coach!!! (TSE, Bun) in that restaurant, so we sat all together during that evening and for sure we talked about badminton. That was just… so much fun, just like the first time I rode down the big white mountain!

That quick dinner turned into a 5 hours dinner and it changed everything! I’ve learned so much from it!!! About everything, the world’s best players, skills, training method, gears… 

Next morning I decided to join my friend and learn badminton properly, that’s the real start of my love story with badminton. So yeah, you can see how much a great instructor could change your life being a badminton player!

That’s why I invited TSE, Bun to start BadmintonProfessor.com, so we can share our passion and knowledge for badminton with our readers.

What Makes BadmintonProfessor.com Different from other Badminton Websites?

Badminton players come in many varieties with ability level and background, which means when you want to find some tips on how to play better or which racket is the best for your level, you are facing an endless amount of information. 

In badmintonprofessor.com, we aim at helping our readers to improve their skills, find the best equipment, and enjoy this amazing sport by offering them well-organized and in-depth information in an easy to understand and use format. 

To ensure we deliver high quality, honest and accurate information regarding all-things-badminton, combining with Bun’s knowledge, we will also be consulting different great players and instructors, trying a variety amount of gears before we write our articles. 

Our goal is to help others enjoy badminton as much as we at BadmintonProfessor do and to provide them with any and all information they need to be prepared and well equipped to be a good player!

The Team Behind Badminton Professor:

Lorraine Lam (Founder)

Lorraine is an experienced ski and snowboard instructor teaching in Niseko and Guangzhou. 7 years ago she started playing badminton with friends and immediately she fell for this amazing sport. When Lorraine is not riding or teaching in the mountains, you’ll probably find her in the badminton court.

TSE Bun (Chief Consultant)

TSE Bun is a retired Hong Kong professional badminton player. He is also a well known and experienced badminton coach in Hong Kong. As a player, he was active in both men’s singles and doubles until his retirement. 

Here is Bun’s profile as a player:

  • Best BWF World Rankings Men’s Singles: 30
  • 1984 – 1993: Hong Kong National badminton team players
  • 1987: Hong Kong Annual Badminton Championship, Men’s Double, first runner-up
  • 1988: Hong Kong Annual Badminton Championship, Men’s Double, first runner-up and Hong Kong Annual Badminton Championships, Men’s Singles, first runner-up
  • 1990: Hong Kong Annual Badminton Championship, Men’s Double, first runner-up and Hong Kong Annual Badminton Championships, Men’s Singles, first runner-up
  • 1991: Hong Kong Annual Badminton Championships, Men’s Singles, first runner-up

After his retirement, he started his coaching life and here is Bun’s Profile as a badminton instructor:

  • Bun is an advanced coach certified by the International Badminton Federation, currently known as Badminton World Federation (BWF)
  • Bun used to work for the Hong Kong Badminton Association, serving as the coach’s leading manager and the chief instructor for youth players. 
  • He had also been teaching the badminton team of Hong Kong Education Institute for over 10 years.
  • He is now a well-known badminton coach conducting private and group lessons in Hong Kong
1993 Certified as an Advanced Coach by the International Badminton Federation (TSE, Bun)


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