8 Best Gifts for Badminton Players in 2021

We all love gifts, and it just feels great when you receive a gift that’s relating to something you love so much! 

If you are planning to get something for your beloved one(s) or it’s just a secret Santa party and you gotta buy your colleague a present. One of the best shots would always be playing in their hobbies.

If you are planning to buy a gift for badminton lovers? Welcome! You’ve come to the right place and the following list is gonna cover great presents and will make them very happy!

Best Gifts for Badminton Players – Quick Summary

Gifts they can use during the game:

  • New Badminton Shoes
  • New Badminton Racket 
  • Badminton T-shirt
  • New Racket Bag
  • Knee Support
  • Badminton Sets

Fun badminton theme gifts:

  • Badminton Cufflinks
  • Badminton Earrings
  • Badminton Keyrings

Best Gifts for Badminton Players – How Did We Pick The Gifts?

It’s simple, we meet many badminton players every day, so we just asked them to tell us what they want for Christmas and mark it down.

We’ve asked around 200 badminton players and here is the final list we gathered. And we also added one each that we received and were very happy with them.

I hope it helps you to decide what gift to buy!

Best Gifts for Badminton Players – Our Picks

Here are our most recommended gifts for badminton players.

New Badminton Shoes

Having a pair of high-quality badminton shoes is just so important to a badminton player. Players at all levels need to have a pair of solid footwear that could offer them both maneuverability and support.

Old or worn-down badminton shoes will start losing their grip and flexibility, Getting a pair of new shoes is probably the best solution to restore a player’s footwork performance.

If you are planning to get your loved one a pair of new shoes, it is better to know their existing models and brand so it will narrow down the selection a lot. Just ask the shop with his/ her shoes model and size then probably you will get the right pair for them.

If you are buying the shoes with your friends in the shop, make sure they put on a pair of badminton socks before they try the shoes so to make sure it fits!

New Badminton Racket 

For badminton lovers, getting them a new racket is kinda like… buying them a new car! woohoo!!! However, it could be tricky to get them the perfect new racket if you don’t play with them that often.

So it is a good idea for you to ask for their badminton friends’ opinions before buying them the new racket. Or else, just ask your loved one!! Tell them you will get them a new racket and you guys can do the shopping together!

No more surprise but the feeling of expecting a new racket outweighs everything.

Tips: Badminton racket could be expensive! Beginner collections would be cheaper but for intermediate to advanced players it could be over 200 USD. And make sure you do understand their playing style too, for example, if he/ she is more a beginner to intermediate level player, you may consider of checking out Yonex Arcsaber 11.

For an intermediate player who is more on the aggressive side, do check out Yonex Astrox 88D, for skilled players who is after a great balance racket, do check out Yonex Voltric Z Force II, both Yonex Duora 10 and Yonex Duora Z Strike are great but these are more heavy and suitable for strong players who is pretty fit.

Badminton Cufflinks

If you are buying for those who need or like to dress up nicely, consider buying them a pair of nice badminton cufflinks. It is just great to add a few fun details to the very serious and boring suits.

Once I purchased these silver shuttlecock cufflinks for a badminton friend when he was getting married, he was so happy when he opened the box. A few months later he told me he got the white shuttlecock cufflinks too!

A tip for choosing a pair of high-quality cufflinks is to look at the weight, for the same size, the heavier cufflinks come with better quality because bronze, silver, gold is always heavier than alloy or other metal with a lot of impurities.

Badminton Earrings

So we’ve talked about getting a gift for HIM who loves badminton, what about getting a gift for HER? What about a pair of fun badminton earrings?

Accessories are… never too much for a lady. These Shuttlecock Earrings are a great idea since it is less chance for one allergic to Sterling Silver product.

Unlike Cufflinks, when you are getting earrings for a girl, don’t get something too heavy because it may hurt her ears!

Fun Badminton T-shirt

What about getting a fun T-Shirt with Badminton Theme? One of my friends who is also a huge badminton fan + Snowboarder, one evening when we were having dinner he asked me this question “what are badminton T-shirts so boring?”

Hum, well, I don’t blame him… Let’s look at some facts:

A snowboard hoodie from Burton (a big brand of Snowboarding):

And these are Badminton T-Shirts from Li-Ning and Yonex:

A Li Ning Badminton T Shirt, Great Tech and Comfortable
A Yonex Badminton T Shirt

Both being big bands in the industry and using tech fabrics designed for the game but you can see the difference. But hey, I am not rich enough to issue my collection so let’s just step back a bit and get them a fun Badminton Theme T-shirt?

Badminton Keyrings

Looking for a price point option? How about a badminton keyring? Once Bun (Our editor and consultant instructor) purchased this keyring for his 13 years old students and he loved it a lot.

It’s been 3 years and he is still using that keyring. It is a great gift if you need to get a small gift that’s not too expensive, especially for the kids to teenagers who love badminton.

New Badminton Racket Bag

Badminton players need to carry a lot of gears, rackets, shuttlecock, shoes, socks, change clothes, knee support, or even snacks. A badminton racket bag would like this would make them a lot easier.

You may want to get them a Backpack too if they already owned a racket bag. Sometimes when I know my friends will bring over the shuttlecock I will just take the backpack with me as it’s smaller.

Though you don’t need to get a big or expensive bag, try to look for ones which components big enough to hold a pair of sneakers, a side pocket that can hold the shuttlecock, and a chamber close to your back with zippers so you can fit your racket.

Knee Support

Badminton is a sport involving a lot of jumping and footwork, for players with thigh muscles that are not strong enough, there would be a lot of pressure on the knee. It is always a good idea to wear a knee brace to protect their knees from injuries.

Depending on the age and figure of the players, the choice of knee brace would be different, depending on the support they need. I am using knee support with side stabilizer like below because I am near to my 40’s and I ski too. 

My 15 years old nephew is using a knee strap instead, it provides less support but comes with more flexibility.

Badminton Set

A badminton set is more like buying a gift for both you and your beloved one, or even the family because you can have so much fun with it!

All family members agreed that getting a badminton set was one of the best decisions we’ve made because we can enjoy badminton at anytime, anywhere. Badminton is a great sport and can bring you a lot of benefits.

Since the outbreak of COVID, most of us were forced to spend more time at home, a badminton set could offer great entertainment for the whole family. It’s totally ok to get a set without nets, most important is you get to enjoy this great sports with your beloved one!

Final Words

So we’ve suggested some great gift ideas that would impress a badminton lover. I hope your beloved one (or ones) would enjoy the gift and let me know if you have any other great ideas!

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