The Best Badminton Nets 2021 (Detailed Review and Instructor’s Picks)

Badminton is one of the world’s most popular rocket sports that can bring you lots of benefits. To play this game, you need a racket, several shuttlecocks, a net, and a friend.

If you have read my article describing the history of badminton, you will notice that the main difference between badminton and it’s origin “battledore and shuttlecock”, is that a net was included in modern badminton and the number of players was limited.

For sure you can still enjoy badminton without a net, however, the game would be so much more exciting and fun if we could set up a net.

In this article, we are going to talk about everything relating to this very important component of our beloved flying sport, the badminton net.

Best Badminton Net – Quick Summary

The Boulder Portable Badminton Net Set is an adjustable net that is durable and affordable. It’s portable and yet very stable.

The Macgregor Economy Badminton Net is a professional quality net which comes with suits you the most if you have 2 badminton poles already

If you are looking for a portable net for parties and gathering, the KIKILIVE Portable Badminton Net is probably your best option because it is light, small and easy to set up

What is a Badminton Net?

The badminton net is a combination of a net (a soft, mesh barrier) and 2 badminton poles. No matter it’s a double game or a single game, the poles will be placed on the double sidelines. The net should be in the middle of the court, dividing it into 2 equal parts.

Best Badminton Net – Who Should Get It?

If you are going to book a badminton court, a badminton net would be included. However, it’s just really easy to DIY your badminton court if you have enough space. It could be both indoor and outdoor, in a school hall, an empty playground, or even just in your garden yard.

The Best Badminton Net – What to Consider?


Try to get a net that could extend to a standard badminton net size. There are some choices on the market that are way too small that it’s just a net bigger than a tennis court net.

So do check the size before you make your purchase decision. According to a standard badminton net should come with 1.55m (5’1) at the edges and 1.524m (5′) in the centre, the length is 6.1m (20′).

The net are split into half from the floor to the top and make it comes with the width of 0.76m (2.5′).


As mentioned, Badminton nets are made by a net and 2 poles. So it is importable we do check the material of both items before you hit the purchase button:

Nets – usually made by various materials like nylon, polyethylene, and vinyl. 

Poles – usually made by aluminum or steel, coated with protective paint and covered with pads

You want your net made with material that’s tear-resistant and durable, do check the material first and when the net arrives. Try to tear it a bit so u can feel how strong it is.

For the poles, it’s better if they are made of aluminum since it is much lighter and stronger. And make sure there is protection coating and pads so it won’t get rusty easily.

Where will you use it? Fixed or portable? 

This is a very important factor because it decides what type of net you should get. You want to use this in an indoor or outdoor area? Does it have to be portable or a fixed one is fine?

Fixed Badminton Net

If it’s gonna be fixed in an area, the next thing you need to consider is – it will be placed in an indoor environment? Or an outdoor environment? It could be a heave net with little portability or a net that’s rooted onto the floor. Depending on the venue, you need to pick the most suitable type.

Indoor Badminton Net

How easy it is to adjust the next became the most important factor. When we talk about fixed, it doesn’t mean it’s not gonna move.

Most indoor sports centers are multi-functions, it could be a badminton venue, a volley venue, or even a basketball venue. And I guess the venue you want to use as the badminton court would also be the same. 

So I would suggest you get a net with strong, heavy stands with adjustable height, or maybe wheels at the bottom so it’s stable but still easy to move it for a short distance.

Outdoor Badminton Net

Compared to an indoor net, an outdoor badminton net is less likely to move. I still remember 2 years ago, when winter was just over and we still needed to stay in the mountain area for another month because I had some snowboarding clients booked me during their Easter holiday break. 

I was so desperate to play badminton but there were no indoor sports centers around and so I and my friends decided to set up an outdoor badminton net. We gotta wait till noon time so the soil warmed up and softened a bit and we can drill the giant screws into the floor to fix the poles.

So yeah, since it’s very likely you will just set it up and leave the net there, what you need is looking for the heavy-duty, durable and weatherproof net.

Portable Badminton Net

A portable badminton net is one you can move around, it is a net with lease stability but best flexibility. You can just unroot it in 10 mins and put it at the boot of your car and set it up at your friends’ place.

When you are buying a portable net, these are the questions you should ask:

  • How easy is it for me to install or uninstall the net, for sure the shorter time it takes to be installed the better
  • Is it adjustable? Can the height and weight be adjusted so I can use it as a tennis net, volleyball net too…


Most of the time we prefer our net to be more durable, so do check these following factors:

Knotted or knotless?

Knotted net is usually more durable than a knotless one, they are usually made be better material too

UV protected?

If you are getting an outdoor net or portable net, try to get a net with UV protected. It is a special treatment by applying a protective coating on to the net and it will extend the life of your net.

A net with UV coating is usually made with better quality material since the selling price is very likely to be higher than others.

How easy is it for getting accessories for the net?

It is very important how easy it is if you need to get accessories or parts for the nets. Once I purchased a net and have been using it for 2 years, 2 screws broke and I need to throw it away because the factory has stopped pro

Best Badminton Nets: Our Recommendations

Boulder Portable Badminton Net Set

This is a great price point, an adjustable net made with tear-resistant material and painted steel. The boulder portable net comes in three sizes, and you can pick the one that suits your needs.

What We Also Like:

  • Very easy to set up, I was able to set everything up in only 10 mins, there was clear instruction given but we just figured everything out in a minute.
  • Nice and organized, all the parts were connected with an elastic cord and you won’t lose any parts. 
  • High-quality metal, the metal they used was pretty thick, much thicker than other portable nets we’ve used, very solid though

What We Don’t Like:

  • The legs are not weighted, you may need to add sandbags or weights to increase the stability
  • The mesh is made with knotless cable and is bigger than standard badminton’s net is made with knotless cable

Macgregor Economy Badminton Net

This is a very durable net made with thick tear-resistant cable, the size of the mesh is good too, slightly smaller than 1 inch. You can use this in both the indoor and outdoor environments.

I gotta confess that I was not using this net for badminton… instead, I was using it to play volleyball with my friends most of the time, yes much intense, right? And it’s been almost 18 months now and the net is still working fine. So that’s why I am recommending it.

What We Also Like:

  • Another great price point option!
  • Solid headband and grommet for attaching ropes

What We Don’t Like:

  • The bottom tapes are with no grommet, we need to attach the rope to a loop for stabilizing it 
  • The side and bottom tapes quality is just not that great (made by vinyl)

KIKILIVE Portable Badminton Net

The Kikilive portable badminton net is probably one of the best choices as a recreation net. Very easy to set up, carry around and it’s kinda durable as a portable net. I love it because when you fold it up – the mass is really small and it’s very light.

What We Also Like:

  • The size is close to a standard size badminton net
  • It’s weatherproof and the parts are made with high-quality material
  • It only took me 10 mins to set up the net!
  • The price is great! It’s almost half price than other similar options in the market

What We Don’t Like:

  • It is too light and easy to blow away and you need to put some weight on it
  • Its high portability comes with scarification of durability, expect it’s less durable than other choices we recommended in this article

How to set up the Badminton Net?

Most products we recommended here comes with detailed information, However, it’s simple to set up. For example, this is a video showing how to set up a portable net:

Just make sure you read the instruction carefully before setting up the net!!! If you still couldn’t figure out how to set it up? Ask the shops for a setup video and that would save you a lot of time!

Best Badminton Net – FAQs

What is the size of a badminton net?

The size of a badminton net is 6.1m x 1.55m at the edges, and 1.52m at the center because it will sag a bit. The badminton net will be placed over the doubles sidelines, no matter whether we are playing a double or singles game.

Are volleyball and badminton nets the same?

No, Badminton nets and volleyball nets are very different. A volleyball net is much longer than higher than a badminton net. The height of a volleyball net is 2.43m for men and 2.24m for women while the height of a badminton net is only 1.52-1.55m.

The width of a volleyball net is 8m to 10m while the width of a badminton net is only 6.1m.

Best Badminton Net – Addition Tips and Info

Here are some great tips that could extend the life of your badminton net

  • For the indoor station net, try to move the poles toward each other a little bit and so the net could loose up a bit
  • For outdoor net, try to cover the net with a waterproof cover when you are not using it
  • Always prepare a few sandbags to place on the stands for more stability
  • If you are planning to play the game at an indoor area, do make sure you wear proper a pair of proper badminton shoes and socks because the floor may be slippery and you don’t want to injure yourself
  • If you are planning to get this for your friends as a gift? Do try to check the place where he or she is planning to put the net. If it’s an outdoor area, you may want to get them a sandbag too.

Best Badminton Net – Final Words

Badminton is such a great sport you can play them anywhere as long as there is enough space and height. Having a net would add so much more excitement and entertainment to the game. 

The variety of options available makes it easy to find the best pick where you need a portable one for parties or a durable one for your garden.

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