Best Badminton Rackets for Smash and Power

This is a review of the best badminton rackets for smash and power.

Hi ya, my name is Bun, an ex-professional badminton player with a world ranking of 30 for men’s singles. I am also an advanced badminton coach certified by the Badminton World Federation. 

I believe that Yonex Astrox 88D Pro is the best overall racket for smash and power. It is designed for the advanced player who wanted to dominate the game. With a comparatively large sweet spot, stability and yet can provide you with extra power.

I will also talk about other rackets that are suitable for different needs, and of course, I will include their detailed reviews, together with a what to consider guide so you can pick the one that suits you the most.

Sounds good? Let’s dive in!

Quick Summary

4 Best Rackets for Smash and Power

Here are my most recommended rackets for smash and power.

Yonex Astrox 88D Pro

  • Key Feature: Energy Boost Cup Plus, Volume Cut Resin and Larger grommet
  • Weight: 4U (83 grams)
  • Grip size: G5 (small)
  • Best for: Overall/For Power

Dedicated to players who rely on power in their game, Astrox 88D Pro is an improvement from the previous Astrox 88D edition with improvements in several features. I love this racket and I believe it should be the best overall racket when it comes to smash and power.

I have written a detailed review regarding Astrox 88D, simply check it out via here.

True to the name of this racket, the Astrox 88D Pro racket is suitable for players who dominate the game from the back court. The challenge in using Astrox 88 D Pro is this racket requires special adaptation. 

However, if a beginner or intermediate player wants to use this series of rackets, it is recommended that you use Astrox 88D Game. This racket also gets a fresh look with a new camel gold color.

Energy Boost Cup Plus – This feature helps the player when adding power when the shaft returns to its normal position from bending. This feature not only maximizes shaft performance but also minimizes vibration during hard-hitting. 

The front supports the flexing shaft, while the curved sides stabilize the racket surface and prevent the shaft from rotating.

Volume Cut Resin – One of the new technologies brought by Astrox 88 D Pro is Volume Cut Resin. It is an innovative resin that provides strong adhesion which makes the material and weight lighter. These resins can increase durability and power or reduce weight without decreasing strength.

Besides supporting the performance of the Rotational Generator System, Volume Cut Resin provides improvements to the frame. The Astrox 88 D Pro frame provides a larger sweet spot that allows players to strike more efficiently and more effectively.

Larger Grommet – If you look closely, compared to the previous Astrox 88 D series, the Astrox 88 D Pro has 4 larger grommets on the left and right sides. This feature enhances the flexibility effect of the strings. 

The rebound power of the shuttlecock is more powerful so it is suitable for players in the back line who need extraordinary power with a high level of precision.

Yonex Astrox 99

  • Key Feature: Rotational Generator System, Solid Feel Core and New Pattern Grommet
  • Weight: 4U (83 grams)
  • Grip size: G5 (small)
  • Best for: Smash

Aimed at advanced players, Yonex Astrox 99 is the right choice that supports attacking games. This racket makes smashes steeper, but with a high degree of accuracy. 

The challenge in using Astrox 99 is that it requires special treatment when playing in front of the net. The feeling of the net when using it must be continuously sharpened to get the desired level of play.

Take a look at the detailed review of Astrox 99 here.

Rotational Generator System – One of the differentiator technologies in the Astrox series is the Rotational Generator System. This feature allows weight distributed across the ends of the grip, top frame, and joints for maximum control. 

The transition between strokes can run perfectly, especially when doing a barrage of smashes.

Solid Feel Core – This feature can reduce unwanted vibrations when hitting. Vibration due to human error can also be minimized so that the accuracy of hitting, especially drives and smashes, can be better.

New Pattern Grommet – Astrox 99 has adopted Yonex’s new pattern for grommets. This series has more grommets so that string performance can be maximized. With a recommended string tension of 20 – 28 lbs, the Astrox 99 can perfectly support attacking games that rely on smashes or drives.

Victor Brave Sword 12

  • Key Feature: Sword Design, Nano Tec and Aerodynamic frame
  • Weight: 4U (83 grams)
  • Grip size: G5 (small)
  • Best for: Smash and Power

As one of the most popular Viktor racket series, Victor Brave Sword 12 has a unique character because it supports power and smash at the same time. Furthermore, this racket is easy to use, even beginner and intermediate player does not take too long to adapt to reach the desired level of play. 

One of the challenges when using Victor Brave Sword 12 is when doing a drop shot. Thin drop shots in front of the net must be done carefully so that when sending the shuttlecock from the backcourt.

Sword Design – As the name implies, this racket has a unique sword-shaped design. This air-splitting design reduces air resistance significantly and provides a powerful swing. Sharp smashes and fast drives are not hard to do when using Victor Brave Sword 12. 

Nano Tec – The Nano Tec feature in Victor Brave Sword 12 distributes nanoparticles between the carbon fiber coils. This technology increases the tension of the carbon composite as a whole. The racket feels solid and fits in the hand.

Aerodynamic Frame – One of the things that makes this racket popular is the aerodynamic frame. Doubles players who are accustomed to playing fast drives and smashes will be greatly helped by Victor Brave Sword 12. Even, the backhand feels more powerful when in a defensive position. 

Swing after swing in a long game will not make your arms tired quickly. The level of accuracy of this racket is also worthy of appreciation for its excellent control.

Li-Ning Extra Lightweight Windstorm 72

  • Key Feature: Aero Tec Beam System, Dynamic Optimum Frame and UHB shaft.
  • Weight: 6U (73 grams)
  • Grip size: G3 (small)
  • Best for: Smash and Control

If you are looking for a quality smash racket that is affordable, the Li-Ning Extra Lightweight Badminton Racket Windstorm 72 Purple deserves to be one of the best recommendations.

One of the outstanding advantages of this racket is that it is super duper light, only 72 grams so that it supports smash play and excellent control. 

Wrapped in purple color, this racket is so eye-catching. However, the challenge that must be overcome in this racket is the ability to support defense which is felt to be less than optimal.

Aero Tec Beam System – Windstorm 72 has extra aerodynamic badminton racket frame structure to minimize air resistance while maintaining frame strength. This feature reduces arm fatigue that supports fast and long games. 

Furthermore, this racket provides better shuttlecock placement accuracy.

Dynamic Optimum Frame – This high-tech frame technology greatly bolsters smash hitting and control in attacking games with an enlarged sweet spot so that the performance of each hit becomes more lethal. Backhand and lob swings are also greatly helped by this feature.

UHB Shaft – This feature provides high flexibility, lower air resistance and higher durability. The balance point with more weight distributed towards the racket head allows players to be more flexible in hitting smashes and better control. In terms of flexibility, Li-Ning deserves to be superior.

Best Racket for Smash and Power – What to Consider?

Smash is one type of shot in badminton. This shot is done to destroy the opponent’s defense and earn points. Usually the smash is done while jumping in the air so that the angle is sharper and the shuttlecock is difficult to return to the opponent.

However, the smash is not just about power. Some badminton rackets are equipped with special features that help players improve their smashes. Therefore, the selection of rackets for smash and power should not be done arbitrarily. There is the following guidance when buying a racket for smash and power.


The stiffness of badminton rackets generally ranges from flexible to extra stiff. This will affect the power and vibration generated when the racket hits the shuttlecock.

To get a more powerful smash, the selected badminton racket usually has high stiffness. For example, the Yonex 88D Pro with stiff flexibility can support power-type players in placing shuttlecocks from the back line.


Badminton rackets can also be distinguished based on their balance or center of gravity. 

There are three types of badminton racket emphasis, namely:

  • Even-balanced (the center of gravity of the racket is located in the middle of the racket)
  • Head-heavy (the center of gravity of the racket leans towards the racket head), and
  • Head-light (the racket center of gravity leans towards the racket handle).

Badminton players who often rely on smash and power should choose a head-heavy racket. That’s because this type of racket offers great momentum when swinging the racket so that players can make powerful smashes.

One of the best examples of a head-heavy racket is the Yonex Astrox 99 which is capable of delivering strong power and sharp smashes.

A little note, swinging a head-heavy racket will require more energy so players who are not used to it or who have weak shoulders can get tired quickly when using this racket.

For novice players, this type of racket is not recommended to choose because it can cause the shoulder to tire quickly or even get injured. Choose a racket according to your abilities and strengths.

String Tension

The tension of a badminton racket string is generally calculated in lbs (average ranges from 20 to 30 lbs). Intermediate players can use the string tension of 24-26 lbs to get more power and repulsion in their shots.

Meanwhile, advanced players tend to use a 26-29+ lbs pull which gives them extra repulsion. Pulls above 30 lbs are commonly used by professional players to get maximum output for their drives and smashes. 

This pull must also be adjusted to the abilities and strengths possessed in order to support the badminton style of play.

For example, the Yonex Astrox 99 and Yonex Astrox 88 D Pro rackets are recommended to use tensions in the 4U (20 – 28 lbs) range to support powerful strikes and dive smashes. Meanwhile, Victor Brave Sword is recommended to use a tension ranging from 3U (28 – 30 lbs) to support a sharp smash.

Useful Tips and Information

Here are some useful tips for aggressive badminton players who love powerful smash.

  • Avoid jumping and smashing if you are just starting up.
  • For aggressive players, you need a higher level of physical fitness, try to wear knee support and compression socks. It helps a lot to protect your legs from injuries.
  • Warming up and stretching exercises before and after your game can bring you a lot of benefits, from improving your muscle’s health to speedy recovery from soreness. Don’t skip that!

Wrapping Up

I believe that Yonex Astrox 88D Pro is the best overall badminton racket for smash and power. It is one of the most popular Yonex rackets and there is a huge improvement in the latest version.

Simply choose within the recommended options based on your needs and you will be impressed with their performance.

Have loads of fun player this amazing sport!

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