Best Badminton Rackets for Doubles

This is a review of the best badminton rackets for doubles.

I am Bun, an ex-professional player ranked 30 in the world and a BWF certified Advanced Badminton Coach, I have been teaching badminton for over 20 years.

I guess a lot of people agree that doubles is the most attractive game in badminton. You can see more intensive attacking and defensive plays, more complex strategies to winning the game, and more excitement for others.

In this article, I will provide you with a detailed review of the 4 most recommended badminton rackets for doubles and how to choose one.

Let’s dive in!

Quick Summary

4 Best Badminton Rackets for Doubles

 Here are my most recommended badminton rackets for doubles and their detailed reviews.

Astrox 100ZZ

  • Flex: Extra Stiff
  • Stringing Recommendation: 4U: 20–28 lbs and 3U: 21–29 lbs
  • Weight Grip Size: 4U 5, 6 / 3U, 4, 5, 6
  • Player who use it: Hiroyuki Endo (Japan’s Men Double) 
  • Best for: Offensive player

Suitable for offensive players, this racket guarantees the stability of strength in every shot. This type of racket flexibility is an extra stiff that is ideal for offensive play, such as smash, net kills, or sharp drive. 

One of the impressive features of this racket is that the Astrox 100 ZZ has a hyper slim shaft with a solid core that maximizes faster swings and makes for more powerful backhand strikes.

Maximum power transfer is centered on the wrist. The controls in this racket are also superb. A little touch can provide a more accurate shuttlecock placement. I can give an update about Astrox 100ZZ with the release of a new color, Kurenai in May this year.

Astrox 88D

  • Flex: Stiff
  • Stringing Recommendation: 4U: 20–28 lbs and 3U: 21–29 lbs
  • Weight Grip Size: 4U (Average 83 gram) G3, 4 and 3U (Average 88 grams) G4, 5
  • Player who use it: Markus Gideon (Indonesia’s Men Double)
  • Best for: Power and Defensive Player

In accordance with the letter D in this racket series, Astrox 88D is the perfect choice for the typical doubles player who dominates from the backcourt. I have recommended Astrox 88D for the intermediate and advanced players, you can take a look at the detailed review over here.

This racket makes shots, especially lobs and smashes from the backline, more powerful when in long rally games.

The rotational generator system technology in this racket distributes weight to the grip end, frame top, and joint for maximum control. The transition to another shot can be smoothly moved.

The ruby-red application makes the racket look even bolder. The world-class player who used Astrox 88D as his racket is Marcus Gideon, two times All England men’s doubles champion from Indonesia.

Astrox 88S

  • Flex: Stiff
  • Stringing Recommendation: 4U: 20–28 lbs and 3U: 21–29 lbs
  • Weight Grip Size: 4U (Average 83 gram) G4, 5 and 3U (Average 88 grams) G4, 5
  • Player who use it: Kevin Sanjaya (Indonesia’s Men Double)
  • Best for: Control player

Unlike the D series, Astrox 88S is a suitable partner for players who want control of the game from the front. With this racket, it will be easier for you to place the shuttlecock more accurately on the empty side of your opponent’s game.

The emerald green color inherent in this racket makes it look even more attractive. The existence of the Tri-Voltage System on this racket is also quite unique.

Instead of adding extra weight to the top, this feature actually reduces the load on the area so there is a combination of hard smashes and special handling or grip. The emerald green color in this racket makes it look even more attractive.

Nanoflare 700

  • Flex: Medium
  • Stringing Recommendation: 5U: 19–27 lbs and 4U: 20–28 lbs
  • Weight Grip Size: 5U (average 78 gram) G5, 6 / 4U (Average 83 gram) G4, 5, 6
  • Player who use it: Lee So Hee (South Korea Women Double)
  • Best for: balance player

Released as a successor to the Nanoray series, the Yonex Nanoflare 700 is one of the best racquets to increase swing speed and maneuverability and provide power and increased shuttlecock acceleration.

Doubles players who frequently play at the net will greatly benefit from this racket. The Aero frame mounted on the Nanoflare 700 was developed to reduce air resistance for speed and acceleration.

The careful combination with the Sonic Flare System helps increase repulsion while softening the impact on the arm, increasing the speed of the shuttle with an easy swing.

This makes the Nanoflare 700 one of the top seeds in the head-light racquet. This racket is available in two colors, blue-green, and red.

I also believe that Nanoflare 700 is the most beginner-friendly racket among all the recommended options here.

Best Badminton Rackets for Doubles – What to Consider?

Either beginners or professionals, you need to pay more attention to choose the right racket for playing badminton. Especially when you play as double players, you have to consider these three buying guides so that the racket you chose supports your badminton game.

Playing style

Your playing style should be your main consideration when choosing a racket for doubles play. If you are attacking players, you should not choose a flexible racket. The stiffer the racket, the higher tensions of your strings, the stronger smash you can get. 

I suggest you buy an extra stiff racket like Astrox 100ZZ to help you get sharp smashes. 

If you are a defensive player, I can recommend you to buy a stiff racket such as Astrox 88D which can turn your opponent’s smash into attacks from the backyards.

Or if you are a combination player, offensive and defensive, you can try a medium racket like the Yonex Nanoflare series that can help you explore all sides of the court equally well.


The weight of a badminton racket is identical to the letter U. The more U, the lighter the racket. A heavy racket will help you get more momentum to the swing. Meantime, a light racket is best for controlling the shuttlecock. 

Light rackets like Nanoflares 700 with 5U can make your net play become easier. You can place the shuttlecock precisely on the thin front area of the net.


The large racket selection with varying prices might be confusing you. But, my advice, you just have to determine your needs and budget. Make sure that the price you pay is commensurable with the quality you get. 

Luckily, there are many support platforms like Amazon that can help you find a suitable racket for you.

Wrapping Up

Of all the badminton rackets recommended here, they are all great for doubles, personally, I prefer Astrox 88S as I am more of a control player.

For sure, all these rackets are great rackets, simply pick one according to your style and you will be fine at playing both singles and doubles.

Have loads of fun with the game!

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