The Best Badminton Set To Buy For 2021

As a badminton lover, for sure I love playing the game in a proper indoor badminton court, with some skilled players, using professional gears, however, I do enjoy the time playing with my friends just on the lawn or empty playground outside of my house.

Other than being a professional sport, badminton also serves as a great workout that could bring you so many health benefits, such as: improving the health of your heart and lung, strengthening your muscles and bones, and relieving stress and anxiety.

Getting a badminton set is a great idea for those who may want to enjoy this game at any time, for example, an afternoon party at your garden, or just some light workout with your family during the weekend.

I got my 6 years old nephew a badminton set as his birthday present since most of the indoor sports centers were closed because of COVID-19 and we had so much fun with it in our parking area.

In this article, we are going to talk about the best badminton sets you can find in the market and how to pick one.

Best Badminton Set – Quick Summary

In case you are in a rush, here are the sum up of our top picks.

Why You Should Trust Me?

Hi, my name is Tse Bun, I am an ex-professional badminton player with a world ranking no. 30 for men’s singles, and I had been teaching and training badminton players for over 30 years.

I love playing badminton and most of my friends share the same thought with me too, when we hang out in an outdoor area, no matter it’s a picnic or barbecue party, a friend of mine will always bring over a badminton set as long as there is enough room.

Quite a number of our friends and kids started falling for this amazing sport because of these badminton sets, in this article, I am going to share with you our picks and why we love them.

What is a Badminton Set

A basic badminton set should include 2 rackets and some shuttlecocks, however, some All-in-One badminton sets come with a badminton net, 2 poles, a carrying case (or bag), even boundaries too!

Sometimes, the badminton set will come with an adjustable net that could be used for volleyball and tennis.

Best Badminton Set – Who Should Buy It?

If you want to use badminton as a way of working out, or you just want to play badminton with some friends and family during your free time, a badminton set is perfect for you. I would say this is a great item for recreational players.

However, if you are planning to use this for competition badminton training purposes, a badminton set is just not so suitable. Since the weight of plastic shuttlecock, the effect of wind will affect your game sense during competition.

Where to set up the Badminton Set?

Although there is less requirement on the playground floor of badminton, unlike tennis and racquetball (squash), you don’t need a hard and smooth surface to play badminton. You can set it up on the lawn or even in a parking area. 

All you need to do is make sure it is on a flat surface with no small objects on the floor, better to be an open area with no wind. 

Best Badminton Set – What to Consider


Do check out the material used, depending on how and where you want to use the play you should buy sets made with different materials.

For example, if you are planning to use them for an afternoon outdoor party or just a kids’ game day, you may want to get something that is light and easy to carry around. In such cases, poles made with carbon fiber is usually a great option since they are light and strong.

If you are planning to use it for the long term, then getting something solid, normally a net made with high-quality nylon strings and steel poles coated with protection painting is a better idea.

Regarding the rackets included, do ask the shop before you buy to confirm the rackets don’t come with recycled nylon strings and steel-based frames, I found them very easy to break and I purchased a set with the rackets broken in 70 mins, if possible 

For shuttlecock, do get a real feather shuttlecock if you are going to play in an indoor area if you are planning to play in an open area, get a set with plastic shuttlecock since they are heavier and could reduce the effect of wind.

Size and Length

Do make sure the gears such as net and the rackets are with standard sizes. For example, the frame of a badminton racket normally comes with the length between the range of 66cm – 68cm, while the height of the net should be 1.55m x 6.1m and the width of the mesh area should be 0.76m.

If the boundaries are included, according to the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries of Australia, a standard double badminton court should be 13.4m (length) x 6.1m (width), while a single court should be 13.4m (length) x 5.18m (width), the lines should be 40mm wide.


Do check if the next is adjustable or not, depending on your preference, you may want to get a set that comes with an adjustable net so you can use it for tennis and volleyball. Other than the net, sometimes your set will come with a volleyball or picket ball too. 

If you are planning to purchase a multi-purpose set, do make sure the net or equipment provided should be strong and durable enough for the other games.


For sure we want a more durable set since they could last longer, normally a net made with knotted mesh is probably your best choice, while the poles should be steel or carbon fiber coated with protective paint. 

However, for the net, the more durable it is, the heavier it would be, which means it’s more difficult to carry around or set up.

Accessories included

Try to get a set with everything included, for example, for the net, it should consist of the following components:

  • Net (the major part of the net, a soft, mesh barrier)
  • Poles (the net should be attached to the poles so it stands on the court)
  • Ropes (you need ropes to secure everything! Hold the net to the poles, anchor the poles to the ground)
  • Skates (you need these to anchor the poles to the ground, it could be just some weight such as sandbag, but you may want something durable that’s anchor into the floor if you are looking for long term use)
  • Tools (If there are screws included, does the set come with a screwdriver? Once my friend took nice badminton set with a net to a picnic and it requires a screwdriver to set up. And none of us have one so at the end of the day we gotta play with no net since nobody wants to drive another 2 hours back to the store for getting a screwdriver.)

You want to get a set with all necessary tools and accessories, better they are all linking with each other so it’s easy to set up and you won’t lost any of the parts.


How easy it is to set up and unpack everything? Can you set it up just by yourself? How quick can you set it up? If you are planning to get a portable set, you want something easy to set up and cause no stress.

I used to purchase a set with 20 screws and every time I need to set them up I need to get a screwdriver and spend 20 mins just on the screws. It was just so annoying that I decided to purchase a net with elastic cords connecting everything after the third time I played.

Price and Value of Money

Price is an important factor when it comes to choosing the badminton set, normally the more expensive it is, the better quality it would be. However, we still need to buy a set that’s within our budget. 

So this is what I will suggest, set your budget, think about how you want to use the set, base on these two conditions, look for the set with the best value of money. If you want something durable, get a set made with high-quality material, if you are after a set for your weekend garden party, maybe you should get a multi-purpose set. 

Once you pick the set type, check the materials they use and compare it, also check the sales support comment, the delivery time. Following this buying decision process, it is very likely you can find deals with the best value of money.


You want a set that’s easy to store and won’t consume loads of space, it would be nice to have a case that you can fit everything in and so you won’t lose any parts. Once we purchased a set with just a bag to wrap everything in and we lost 2 screws after the first time we use them.

Easy to carry around is also another important point, take a look at the carrying case to make sure there is a handle or stripes so you can lift them easily if the set is heavy, it’s good to have a case with wheels.

Do check the zipper too, it’s very annoying if the zipper breaks after a few months. I prefer a case with YKK Zipper because it’s strong and durable.

Best Badminton Set – Our Top Picks

Best Badminton Set for money: Baden Champions Badminton Set

Comes in very eye catching bright yellow color, the Baden Champions Badminton Set includes the following items:

  • A high-quality standard badminton net and accessories
  • 4 rackets 
  • 3 Nylon Shuttlecock
  • Boundary tapes

We love the Baden Champion Sets because it is an all-inclusive, easy to set up badminton set (You can set it up with only one person in 20 mins!), the solid, weatherproof case is a plus. There are 4 rackets in total so you can use it for both single and double play.

What We Also Loved:

  • The bright yellow color boundary tape and net makes it very easy to notice
  • Very durable, we set it up and it lasted for the whole summer holiday in our backyard
  • Very good quality net

What We Don’t Like:

  • The quality of rackets can be better, it’s not “tournament level”, the grip and tension needs to be improved

Best Badminton Set for Multi-Purpose: Baden Champions Volleyball Badminton Combo Set

The Baden Champions Volleyball Badminton Combo Set is a great price point options because for this price, you get:

  • And adjustable, regular size nylon badminton and volley net plus accessories
  • 4 rackets
  • 3 shuttlecocks
  • 1 volleyball
  • Boundary lines 
  • Carrying case

We love this Baden Champions Volleyball Badminton Combo Set because of the bonus game!!! Net is high quality and it’s very easy to set up, the poles are stronger than the Baden Champions Badminton Set too.

Very durable, we were very into volleyball for a while and we used this set to play and it worked very fine.

What We Also Liked:

  • The carry case is very strong, even the zipper is YKK!
  • Easy to adjust

What We Don’t Like:

  • The rackets can come with better quality
  • You may need to add more weight to secure the net for volleyball and strong wind

Best Portable Badminton Set: FBSPORT Portable Badminton Net Set with Storage Base

The FBSPORT Portable Badminton Net Set is an easy setup, super portable option. You can use this set to play on almost anywhere flat and empty. The set comes with 2 shuttles, 2 rackets, and a net.

Just place the base on the floor and take everything out then you would be ready to start a proper game with the net. 

Everything is stored inside the base, all you need to do is just take down everything and fold them up then you are good to leave. 

What We Also Like:

  • No need for tools or stakes to set up
  • The storage base is really small and you can just place it at the boots of your car to carry around
  • Bright Green makes it easy to see

What is Not that Nice?

  • The net is not adjustable
  • Only comes with 2 rackets and you may need to purchase additional rackets for a double game

Best Badminton Set for a quick and easy game: Trained Premium Quality Set of Badminton Rackets

The Trained Premium Quality Set of Badminton Rackets is a great choice for those who are planning to play at a venue with a net already or just wanna enjoy the game without the net. Very budget-friendly choice and they are probably the best around the same price range.

What’s included in this set:

  • 2 Rackets
  • 5 LED Shuttlecocks
  • a Carrying Bag

The LED shuttlecocks are a plus since they are just so pretty and eye-catching when it’s around sunset and evening.

What We Also Liked:

  • The rackets are pretty light
  • The very long battery life of the LED birdies
  • the carrying bag is very durable

What We Don’t Like:

  • It would be better if they can use better strings
  • You get what you pay for, for half price of a good racket you get a set with 2 rackets and shuttlecocks, so expect lower quality than a normal racket

Best Badminton Set – FAQs

Who makes the best badminton set?

Best badminton set:

Do check the following factors to find the best badminton set: Quality, Portability, Multi-functional, accessories included and value of money are the main factors for the best badminton set. 

Which brand has the best badminton racket?

  • Yonex, the most popular and reputable brands for making fine quality badminton rackets
  • Li Ning, the Li Ning rackets is a new leading badminton brand providing innovative, robust, and superior quality rackets
  • Carlton, the Carlton rackets are durable and come with excellent balance and quality. 
  • Kawasaki, rackets of this Japanese brand come with high value-to-money, excellent quality, and durability
  • Other great brands making fine quality badminton rackets are Wilson, Fleet, Forza, Victor, and Ashaway

Best Badminton Set – Useful Tips and Resources

So We have talked about our top picks regarding the best badminton sets, here are some useful tips could improve your overall experience:

  • Badminton sets are more for temporary use as a great weekend garden party, if you are planning to play frequently, you should purchase the rackets and shuttlecock separately
  • If you are buying badminton comes with a net, to improve the stability of the net you can custom make two cement buckets (I was using 5gl Laundry Detergent buckets) to fit the poles in so the net won’t be blown off. 
  • Try to play badminton on a flat surface and wear proper footwear such as badminton shoes and socks to prevent injuries
  • Getting an extra set of birdies is always a great idea
  • Make sure you do enough warm-ups before the game to prevent injuries, making use of knee supports and ankle braces is also a good idea

Best Badminton Set – Final Thoughts

Playing badminton is a fun and enjoyable workout, it’s a game suitable for all ages. If you are looking for a great idea of spending your summer with your friends and family, getting a badminton set will never disappoint you!

Which badminton sets are you planning to buy? where and when will you be playing? leave us a comment and lets have some fun!

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