Fun Facts about Badminton (Updated 2021)

When you love someone so much, you want to get to know him/ her better, for sports? We sure do! It is just pretty fun to learn more interesting facts or information about this amazing sport. I hope you will enjoy these knowledges about Badminton.

Fun Facts about Badminton – Who Should Read These?

Badminton is a popular sport with a long history, it is fun, affordable, and can bring a lot of benefits to your health.

If you like badminton for sure it’s great to understand this amazing sport a bit more.

Or else, if you haven’t decided whether you would like to try this super-duper fun sport out as a game, know more fun facts about badminton would make you want to try it out more!

Fun Facts about Badminton

Fun Facts about Badminton (Speed and Power)

A badminton shuttlecock (aka birdie) is the fastest recorded object in sports

With a speed of 493 km/h, the world record of the fastest badminton was set by Malaysia player Tan Boon Hoeng during a new racket technology test in 2013.

Fastest Badminton Hit during Competitions

The fastest badminton hit during competitions recorded by Guinness World Record belongs to Denmark Player Mads Pieler Kolding, who managed to smash a 426 km/h shot during a Badminton Premier League match playing for the Chennai Smashers in Bangalore, India, on 10 January 2017.

By May 2017, the famous World No 1 Badminton Player Lin Den demonstrated cutting a watermelon with a shuttlecock, below is a video showing how Lin hit the birdie into a watermelon, it’s not even a smash! Isn’t it impressive!?

Fun Facts about Badminton (Organizations and Tournament)

When Badminton World Federation was established in 1934 as International Badminton Federation, there were only 9 founding members, now there are 196 members!

Oldest Badminton Tournament in the World

The world’s oldest badminton tournament is The All England Open Badminton Championships, or simply All England, which was first held in Guildford, England in 1898.

Badminton and Olympics

  • The first time appears at the 1972 Munich Olympic as a demo sport
  • 1988 Barcelona Olympics: Men and Women Singles and Doubles were added
  • Since 1996, Badminton is the only mixed-double sport in Summer Olympic since 1996.

Fun Facts about Badminton (How Popular It Is?)

Fun Facts about Badminton (History and Origin)

Ancient Games Similar to Badminton

  • Badminton is a sport with over 2000 years of history, you can find similar games in China, Japan, Egypt, India, and Greek.
  • Before modern Badminton was invented, badminton used to be a game allowing multiple players and no net is required

Badminton Played by Feet and Body: Jianzi

In China, there is a sport called Jianzi, which you use your socks and shoes as your racket since it is a game that players have to use all of their body parts (but not hands) to keep the shuttlecock in the air.

Why Badminton is Named Badminton?

  • Before Badminton was called badminton, it was named as “Shuttlecock and Battledore” or “Poona” or “Poonah” after the garrison town of Poona in British India.
  • The name “Badminton” derives from a country house “Badminton House” in Gloucestershire belongs to the Duke of Beaufort

Badminton Museums

  • The Kansas City Art Museum’s lawn is home to the world’s largest shuttlecock. This shuttle is 18 feet tall and weighs nearly three tons.
  • In the UK, there is a National Badminton Museum located in the home of English Badminton, with many old badminton gears and photos

Fun Facts about Badminton (Gears and Equipment)

What do We Need to Play Badminton?

A basic set of badminton would include:

  • 2 rackets for singles (or 4 rackets for doubles)
  • few shuttlecocks,
  • a badminton net
  • court lines
  • players should put on proper sportswear when they play badminton to prevent injuries

How Fine Quality Badminton Shuttlecocks are Made?

High-quality badminton shuttlecocks used for world tournament has 16 Goose Feathers. The finest feathers used for making a birdie are collected from the left-wing of a goose.

Badminton Strings

The standard measurement for the string required to gut 1 badminton racket is 10m.

Badminton Court

The badminton court is 13.4m long and w The length of a badminton court is 13.4m while the width of singles and doubles are 5.18m and 6.1m. The width of court lines is 40mm, and usually in either white or yellow to make sure they can be distinguished easily.

Fun Facts about Badminton – FAQs

What is special about badminton?

Badminton is fun, exciting, can be played anywhere, and brings a lot of benefits to your health. All you need is a partner, 2 rackets and few shuttles, after 15 minutes you would be feeling sweating and heart pumping. It is also a great way to release your stress from daily life.

Who first invented badminton and who is father of badminton?

There were games similar to modern badminton since 2000 years ago, in different parts of the world. The closest game to modern badminton was a game called Poona in India. By 1870, British army officers learned this game and bought it back to the UK. In 1873 the Duke of Beaufort introduced the sport at his country estate, Badminton House, from which the game derives its name.

Probably we can call the Duke of Beaufort “the father of badminton”.

Fun Facts about Badminton – Final Words

Badminton is a fun and exciting game to play, and a great workout. I hope you enjoy these facts and knowledge about badminton, If you have some ideas on your mind, please feel free to share it with us!!

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